OpendTect  7.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NAttribOpendTect attributes
 NCmdDriveCommand Drive
 NColTabColor Table
 NEMEarth Model objects like horizons, faults, fault-sticks and bodies
 NFileInterface for several file and directory related services
 NMPEMPE stands for Model, Predict, Edit. Contains tracking and editing functions
 NODColor is an RGB color object, with a transparancy. The storage is in a 4-byte integer, similar to Qt
 NOSOpendTect Installation
 NPosInfoPosition info, often segmented
 NPreStackViewGather display
 NSEGYKeys that should be used with
 NSeisSummary for a Seismic object
 NThreadsInterface to threads that should be portable
 NValuesTemplatized undefined and initialization (i.e. null) values
 NvisBaseVisualization - OpenSceneGraph-based tools
 NvisSurvey3D Visualization - OpendTect specific
 NVolProcAdapter for a VolProc chain to external attribute calculation
 CA2DBitMapGeneratorGenerates Array2D bitmap from Array2D<float>
 CA2DBitMapGenParsArray2D Bitmap generation parameters
 CA2DBitMapInpDataArray2D<float>& + statistics
 CA2DBitMapPosSetupArray2D Bitmap generation setup
 CAGCComputes an AGC over a ValueSeries
 CAICalc1DAcoustic Impedance Calculator
 CAILayerAcoustic Impedance layer implementation
 CAlongVectorFunctionA MathFunction that cuts through another mathfunction with higher number of dimensions
 CAngleReflectivityModelAn angle-based TimeDepth model set that includes reflectivities, for a given azimuth and angle distributions
 CApplicationDataWrapper class around the QCoreApplicaiton
 CArray1DArray1D ( Subclass of ArrayND ) is a one dimensional array
 CArray1DImplImplementation of Array1D
 CArray1DInfoContains the information about the size of Array1D, and in what order the data is stored (if accessable via a pointer)
 CArray1DInfoImplImplementation of Array1DInfo
 CArray1DInterpolBase class for one dimensional array interpolators
 CArray1DSliceSubclass of Array1D and ArrayNDSliceBase
 CArray1DStackerGently stacks ArrayND by summation along the secondary axis Currently implemented only 1D, and Array1D's need to return getData() non-null. With normalize_, will return the average instead of the sum
 CArray2DArray2D ( Subclass of ArrayND ) is a two dimensional array
 CArray2DConverterBase class for two dimensional array converter
 CArray2DCopierTransfers the common samples from one 2D array to another
 CArray2DFiltererFilters an Array2D
 CArray2DFilterParsParameters for Array2DFilterer
 CArray2DFromXYConverterClass for two dimensional array converter from an XY grid to an inline/crossline grid
 CArray2DFuncAdaptor to make an Array2D behave like a MathXYFunction. Will do linear interpolation at the edges, and polynomial interpolation inside
 CArray2DImplImplementation of Array2D
 CArray2DInfoContains the information about the size of Array2D, and in what order the data is stored (if accessable via a pointer)
 CArray2DInfoImplImplementation of Array2DInfo
 CArray2DInterpolBase class for two dimensional array interpolators
 CArray2DMatrixMatrix class based on Array2D. Initialized to 0
 CArray2DReSamplerFills an Array2D from another Array2D of another size. Usage:
 CArray2DSliceSubclass of Array2D and ArrayNDSliceBase
 CArray2DSubSelectionMakes a subselection of an Array2D cube
 CArray3DArray3D ( Subclass of ArrayND ) is a three dimensional array
 CArray3DCopierTransfers the common samples from one 3D array to another
 CArray3DFloodfillGiven an input array and a threshold, we use flood fill to find all the locations with values less (or greater) than the threshold based on seeds. User has the option to set inside or outside value on the output
 CArray3DImplImplementation of Array3D
 CArray3DInfoContains the information about the size of Array3D, and in what order the data is stored (if accessable via a pointer)
 CArray3DInfoImplImplementation of Array3DInfo
 CArray3DSliceSubclass of Array3D and ArrayNDSliceBase
 CArray3DWrapperSubclass of ArrayNDWrapper
 CArray4D4-Dim ArrayND
 CArray4DImplFlat-array implementation of Array4D
 CArray4DInfoContains the information about the size of Array4D, and in what order the data is stored (if accessable via a pointer)
 CArray4DInfoImplImplementation of Array4DInfo
 CArrayNDAn ArrayND is an array with a given number of dimensions and a size
 CArrayNDDataExtracterGets a one dimensional array from an ArrayND
 CArrayNDDumperDumps contents of ArrayND objects
 CArrayNDGentleSmootherGently smooths ArrayND by averaging with neighbours
 CArrayNDInfoContains the information about the size of ArrayND, and in what order the data is stored (if accessable via a pointer)
 CArrayNDInfoImplImplementation of ArrayNDInfo
 CArrayNDIterIterates through all samples in an ArrayND
 CArrayNDProbDenFuncPDF based on ArrayND implementation
 CArrayNDSliceBaseBase class of Array1DSlice and Array2DSlice. Access-tool to another ArrayND with higher dimensionality
 CArrayNDValseriesAdapterAdapter that makes any ArrayND to a (slow) value series
 CArrayNDWindowTapers the N-dimentional ArrayND with a windowFunction
 CArrayNDWrapperAccess tool to another array with a lower number of dimensions
 CArraySelectorSelector based on array
 CArrayValueSeriesSeries of values from a pointer to some kind of array. If a more advanced conversion between the return type and the array type is wanted, use ConvMemValueSeries instead
 CArrayZValuesValueSeries<double> implementation where the Z values are retrieved from a stored array. The pointer is never managed, and must remain in memory while this object is being used
 CascbinistreamReads from a stream that was created in ascbinostream style.
 CascbinostreamWrites to a stream that can be Ascii or Binary
 CascistreamOpendTect standard ascii format file reading
 CascostreamOpendTect standard ascii format file writing
 CAsymptScalerAsymptotic or 'Squeeze' scaling, with a linear (main) part
 CAttribDescSetTranslatorBase Translator class for I/O of DescSet
 CAttribDescSetTranslatorGroupTranslator group for I/O of DescSet
 CAttributeSetCreatorCreates attribute set
 CAxesDrawerAxis drawer for flat viewers
 CAxisLayoutHelps making nice axes for graphs
 CBasemapIDUnique ID for a basemap
 CBasemapObjectObject that can be painted in a basemap
 CBasemapObjectIDUnique ID for a basemap object
 CBasicComponentInfoInfo on one component
 CBasicIntervalBase class for Interval<T>
 CBatchProgramMain object for 'standard' batch programs
 CBatchServiceServerMgrService manager for all OpendTect batch programs. Allows informing od_main on the program of the batch program, and getting data required to perform the work from the main application
 CBendPointBasedMathFunctionMathFunction based on bend points
 CBendPointFinder2DUsed to find bendpoints in set of XY Coordinates
 CBendPointFinder2DBaseUsed to find bendpoints in two dimensional datasets
 CBendPointFinder2DGeomUsed to find bendpoints in Line 2D Geometry
 CBendPointFinder3DUsed to find bendpoints in three dimensional datasets
 CBendPointFinderBaseBase class that does the majority of the work finding bendpoints. Adaptions to different data-types are done in subclasses
 CBendPointFinderTrcKeyUsed to find bendpoints in set of TrcKeys
 CBendPoints2CoordsInter/Extra-polate bendpoints to get the coordinates
 CBIDValSetArrAdapterAdapter between Array2D and a BinIDValueSet
 CBinDataDescDescription of binary data
 CBinIDPositioning in a seismic survey: inline/crossline or lineNr/trcNr
 CBinIDSortingBinID sorting parameters
 CBinIDSortingAnalyserAnalyses whether input BinIDs are sorted
 CBinIDUndoEventBinID UndoEvent
 CBinIDValueBinID and a value
 CBinIDValuesBinID and values. If one of the values is Z, make it the first one
 CBinIDValueSetA Pos::IdxPairValueSet with BinIDs
 CBisectionExtremeFinder1DBisection Extreme Finder
 CBitMap2RGBDraws bitmaps on RGBArray according to FlatView specs. Assumes bitmaps are 100% aligned with array, only sizes may differ
 CBitMapGenTaskBitmap generation Task
 CBitMapMgrManages bitmaps
 CBodyVolumeCalculatorVolume estimation for implicit bodies. getVolume returns the volume in cubic meters
 CBoolInpSpecSpecifications for boolean inputs
 CBoolTypeSetTypeNeeded because the std lib has a crazy specialization vector<bool>
 CBufferDataPackSimple DataPack based on an unstructured char array buffer
 CBufferStringOD::String with its own variable length buffer. The buffer has a guaranteed minimum size
 CBufferStringSetSet of BufferString objects
 CcalcFingParsObjectFingerPrint Attribute parameters calculator
 CCallBackCallBacks object-oriented (object + method)
 CCallBackerInherit from this class to be able to send and/or receive CallBacks
 CCallBackSetTypeSet of CallBacks with a few extras.
 CCBCapsuleCapsule class to wrap any class into a CallBacker
 CCBVSInfoData available in CBVS format header and trailer
 CCBVSIOBase class for CBVS reader and writer
 CCBVSIOMgrBase class for CBVS read and write manager
 CCBVSReaderReader for CBVS format
 CCBVSReadMgrManager for reading CBVS file-packs
 CCBVSSeisTrc2DTranslatorCBVS translator for 2D Seismics
 CCBVSWriteMgrWriter for CBVS file packs
 CCBVSWriterWriter for CBVS format
 CChangeNotifyBlockerPrevents change notifications coming out of a MonitoredObject
 CChangeRecorderBase class for recorder of changes in a MonitoredObject
 CChangeTrackerUpdates a variable when changes occur
 CCNotifierNotifier with automatic capsule creation
 CCompoundKeyConcatenated short keys separated by dots. Used for Object identifiers in the Object Manager, or stratigraphic IDs
 CConnData connection
 CConnComponentsClassify connected components of a binarized array 2D, components are sorted in size. User could get the best quadratic fit for the component if needed
 CConnComponents3DClassify connected components of a binarized array 3D, components are sorted in size
 CConvolver2DConvolves (or correlates) two 2D signals
 CConvolver3DConvolves (or correlates) two 3D signals
 CCoordA cartesian coordinate in 2D space
 CCoord2ListInterface for a list of Coords with automatically maintained IDs
 CCoord2ListImplA list of Coord where each coord has a unique id
 CCoord3A cartesian coordinate in 3D space
 CCoord3ListInterface for a list of Coord3 with automatically maintained IDs
 CCoord3ListImplA list of Coord3 where each coord has a unique id
 CCosTaperWindowTapered Cosine Window Function
 CCtxtIOObjHolds an IOObjCtxt plus a pointer to an IOObj and/or an IOPar
 CCurvatureClass to calculate curvature from 9 regularly sampled points
 CCWTContinuous Wavelet Transform
 CDAGTetrahedraTreeDelaunay triangulation for 3D points. Should make sure all the points are defined
 CDAGTriangleTreeReference: "Parallel Incremental Delaunay Triangulation", by Kohout J.2005
 CDataBufferRaw data array with memory management
 CDataCharacteristicsByte-level data characteristics of stored data
 CDataClipperA DataClipper gets a bunch of data and determines at what value to clip if a certain clip percentage is desired
 CDataClipSamplerData clipping sampler
 CDataColDefColumn definition in tabular data sets
 CDataDistributionSharable data distribution. Sampling defaults to 0 step 1
 CDataDistributionExtracterExtracts a data distribution from input data: TypeSet or simply ptr + size ArrayND (will try to work with the getData() pointer) ValueSeries (will try to work with the arr() pointer)
 CDataInpSpecSpecification of input characteristics
 CDataInterpreterByte-level data interpreter
 CDataPackA data packet: data+positioning and more that needs to be shared
 CDataPackMgrManages DataPacks
 CDataPointSetSet of data points with group selection
 CDataPointSetDisplayMgrDataPointSet display manager
 CDataPointSetDisplayPropInterface for DataPointSet Displays
 CDataSqueezerFits values into a pre-defined range
 CDataTypeData type
 CDataTypeImplDataType implementation
 CDataUploader>Provides file or data upload facility
 CDateInfoA date info class
 CDelaunayTriangulatorThe parallel triangulation works for only one processor now
 CDensityCalcCalculates densities for teh density display of a crossplot
 CdgbAttribDescSetTranslatorActual Translator class for I/O of DescSet
 CdgbEMFault3DTranslatorDgbEMSurfaceTranslator for EM::Fault3D
 CdgbEMFaultStickSetTranslatorDgbEMSurfaceTranslator for EM::FaultStickSet
 CdgbEMHorizon2DTranslatorDgbEMSurfaceTranslator for EM::Horizon2D
 CdgbEMHorizon3DTranslatorDgbEMSurfaceTranslator for EM::Horizon3D
 CdgbEMSurfaceTranslatorDgb EMSurfaceTranslator
 CdgbMPESetupTranslatorMPESetupTranslator for dgbMPESetup
 CdgbMuteDefTranslatorDgb MuteDefTranslator
 CdgbPreStackProcTranslatorDgb PreStackProcTranslator
 CdgbPSEventTranslatorDgb PSEventTranslator
 CdgbVolProcessing2DTranslatorDgb Volume Processing Translator
 CdgbVolProcessingTranslatorDgb Volume Processing Translator
 CDip2DTo calculate Dip/Azimuth for 2D datasets using the method of PCA
 CDip3DTo calculate Dip/Azimuth for 3D datasets using the method of PCA
 CDipPCABase class to calculate Dip/Azimuth using the method of PCA
 CDirListProvides file and directory names in a certain directory
 CDixConversionRms velocity to interval velocity conversion using the Dix formula
 CDPSFromVolumeFillerFills DataPointSet with data from a VolumeDataPack
 CDragControllerAuxiliary class to control dragger speed. The idea is that slowly moving the mouse forces the dragger to move only one inl/crl/z per (few) pixel(s), while moving it fast can have it cover many lines per pixel
 CDWTDiscrete Wavelet Transform
 CElasticFormulaElastic formula def to generate elastic layers
 CElasticFormulaRepositoryElasticFormula repository
 CElasticLayerElastic Impedance layer implementation: AI + SVel
 CElasticModelA table of elastic prop layers with processing utilities Like the RefLayer class, uses SI values exclusively
 CElasticPropertyRefElastic property reference data. Either a link to an existing PropertyRef, or an ElasticFormula
 CElasticPropGenComputes elastic properties using parameters in ElasticPropSelection and PropertyRefSelection
 CElasticPropGuessGuesses elastic properties using parameters in ElasticPropSelection and PropertyRefSelection
 CElasticPropSelectionUser parameters to compute values for an elastic layer (den,p/s-waves)
 CEMAnyHorizonTranslatorGroupTranslatorGroup for EM::Horizon
 CEMBodyTranslatorBase class for all EM::Body Translators
 CEMBodyTranslatorGroupTranslatorGroup for EM::Body
 CEMFault3DTranslatorGroupTranslatorGroup for EM::Fault3D
 CEMFaultSet3DTranslatorTranslator for EM::FaultSet3D
 CEMFaultSet3DTranslatorGroupTranslatorGroup for EM::FaultSet3D
 CEMFaultStickSetTranslatorGroupTranslatorGroup for EM::FaultStickSet
 CEMHorizon2DTranslatorGroupTranslatorGroup for EM::Horizon2D
 CEMHorizon3DTranslatorGroupTranslatorGroup for EM::Horizon3D. Reads/writes 3D EM::Horizon3D to storage
 CEMStickSetTranslatorEM::StickSet Translator
 CEMStickSetTranslatorGroupEM::StickSet TranslatorGroup
 CEMSurfaceTranslatorTranslator for EM::Surface
 CEntryDataBasic group for letting the user select an object
 CEnumDefHolds data pertinent to a certain enum. It does not know the enum values themselves, but treat them as integers
 CEvalParamDescription of attribute parameters to evaluate
 CEventButtonEvent button
 CEventTrackerTracker that tracks Min/Max & Zero crossings between valueseries
 CExecutorSpecification to enable chunkwise execution of a process
 CExecutorGroupExecutor consisting of other executors
 CExpScalerExponential scaling, base e or ten
 CExtensionArray2DInterpolArray 2D interpolator that works by extending the data into udf areas
 CExtremeFinder1DFinds extreme values in FloatMathFunctions
 CExtremeFinderNDFinds the nearest local extreme position in ND's. Implementation of Powell's Quadratically Convergent Method
 CFactoryGeneralized static factory that can deliver instances of T, when no variable is needed in the creation
 CFactory1ParamGeneralized static factory that can deliver instances of T, when a variable is needed in the creation
 CFactory2ParamSubclass of FactoryBase
 CFactory3ParamSubclass of FactoryBase
 CFactoryBaseBase class for Factories ( Factory, Factory1Param, Factory2Param and Factory3Param. )
 CFaultTraceSubclass of Coord3List that represents a fault trace
 CFaultTraceExtractorFaultTrace extractor
 CFaultTrcDataProviderFaultTrace data provider
 CFaultTrcHolderFaultTrace holder
 CFFTFilterClassical FFT filter, use set to set up data step, min and max frequency and type of the filter (minfreq not required for highpass, maxfreq not required for lowpass)
 CFileDownloader>Provides file download facility
 CFileFormatA file format description for simple selection of files
 CFileFormatListA list of file formats for simple selection of files
 CFileMultiStringSeparString with backquotes as separators, use in most ascii files
 CFileNameInpSpecSpecifications for file-name inputs
 CFilePathFile pathname tools
 CFileSpecSpecification for one or more files
 CFileSystemWatcherClass for monitoring a file system
 CFlatDataPackDataPack for flat data
 CFlatPosDataPositioning of flat 'bulk' data. Only the 'x1' axis can be irregular
 CFloatVertexAttribListBase class for vertex attribute list
 CFontDataData needed to make an actual font
 CFourierInterpol1DFourier interpolation for 1D datasets
 CFourierInterpol2DFourier interpolation for 2D datasets
 CFourierInterpol3DFourier interpolation for 3D datasets
 CFourierInterpolBaseBase class for fourier interpolation
 CGapDeconACorrViewGapDecon Attribute autocorrelation preview in a 2d viewer
 CGaussian1DProbDenFuncOne dimensional Gaussian PDF
 CGaussian2DProbDenFuncTwo dimensional Gaussian PDF
 CGaussianNDProbDenFuncMulti-dimensional pure Gaussian PDF
 CGenericTransformNDLets any 1D orthogonal transform (GenericTransformND::GenericTransform1D) be extended to ND. Most transform fftw can be implemented as a subclass of GenericTransformND
 CGeoJSONWriterXML Writer
 CGeom2dAscIOAscii I/O for 2D Geometry
 CGeom2DImpHandlerThis class has a set of static functions handling 2D geometries during seismic import routines that eventually use a SeisTrcWriter. While importing 2D seismic data you just need to call:
 CGeomIDProviderClass providing a current line key
 CGestureEventStores event information from gesture event
 CGestureEventHandlerHandles gesture event and triggers notifier with GestureEventInfo
 CGlobExprGlob-expression matching like UNIX shells
 CGrid2DRepresents a grid of 2D lines in an Inl-Crl plane
 CGridder2DGeneric interface for 2D gridding
 CHiddenParamWorkaround manager when you cannot add class members to a class due to binary compability issues
 CHilbertTransformClass to compute Hilbert Transform
 CHistEqualizerClass to do histogram equalization of datasets
 CHor2DFrom3DCreatorExecutor to create EM::Horizon2D from EM::Horizon3D
 CHor2DFrom3DCreatorGrpExecutorGroup to create EM::Horizon2D from EM::Horizon3D
 CHorizon2DGridCreatorExecutorGroup to create 2D horizon grid from 3D
 CHorizonGridderBase class for Horizon Gridders
 CHorizonModifierModifies horizons
 CHorizonScannerExecutor to scan horizons
 CHorizonSorterExecutor to sort horizons
 CHostDataHost name and aliases
 CHostDataListList of host names in the system. The first entry will be the local host
 CHostNFailInfoHolds host-specific status information
 Ci_ActionMessengerHelper class for uiAction to relay Qt's messages
 Ci_BrowserMessengerHelper class for uiTextBrowser to relay Qt's messages
 Ci_comboMessengerHelper class for uiComboBox to relay Qt's 'activated' messages to uiAction
 Ci_DialMessengerHelper class for uidial to relay Qt's messages
 Ci_LayoutItemWrapper around QLayoutItem class. Stores some dGB specific layout info
 Ci_LayoutMngrDGB's layout manager
 Ci_lineEditMessengerHelper class for uilineedit to relay Qt's messages
 Ci_listMessengerHelper class for uiListBox to relay Qt's messages
 Ci_MdiAreaMessengerHelper class for uiMdiArea to relay Qt's messages
 Ci_QPtrImplHelper class for QPtr to relay Qt's messages. Internal object, to hide Qt's signal/slot mechanism
 Ci_SpinBoxMessengerHelper class for uiSpinBox to relay Qt's messages
 Ci_tabbarMessengerHelper class for uitabbar to relay Qt's 'currentChanged' messages to
 Ci_tableMessengerHelper class for uiTable to relay Qt's 'activated' messages to uiAction
 Ci_TextEditMessengerHelper class for uiTextEdit to relay Qt's messages
 Ci_ToolBarMessengerHelper class for uiToolBar to relay Qt's messages
 Ci_treeVwMessengerBrief Helper class for uiTreeView to relay Qt's messages
 CIbmFormatIBM Format
 CIDKeyReplaceJobDescProvKeyReplaceJobDescProv where the values taken from a range of IDs
 CIdxPairA pair of numbers; base class for BinID et al
 CImageResizerResizes Image
 CIndexInfoInfo on (floating-point) position in an array or StepInterval
 CInlineSplitJobDescProvImplementation of JobDescProv based upon splitting the inlines in the IOPar
 CIntegerIDSingle integer ID with comparison but no automatic conversion. Making a subclass is optional, but recommended when using multiple IntegerID objects at the same time. Subclassing is mandatory when you want a customized undefined value or a different condition for valid values
 CIntervalInterval of values
 CIntervalNDRanges in N dimensions
 CInverseDistanceArray2DInterpolInterpolates 2D arrays using inverse distance method
 CInverseDistanceGridder2DUses inverse distance method for 2D gridding
 CIODirEntryNeeded for manipulation. Used by user interface IOObj management
 CIODirEntryListList of dir entries
 CIOObjContextHolds the context for selecting and/or creating IOObjs
 CIOObjSelConstraintsHolds constraints on IOObj selection
 CIOParGeneralized set of parameters of the keyword-value type
 CiqstreamDoes everything a std::istream does, but also deletes the streambuf
 CIsoContourTracerTracing the z-level contour of a 2D scalar field
 CJobCommunicMulti-machine socket communicator Handles the communication between a client and the primary host, from the client's point of view
 CJobDescProvInterface for providing parameter files for jobs (job descriptions). Two implementations are pre-cooked: KeyReplace-JDP and InlineSplit-JDP
 CJobInfoAll information on a job
 CJobIOMgrHandles starting & stopping of jobs on client machines. Sets up a separate thread to maintain contact with client
 CJobRunnerRuns all jobs defined by JobDescProv
 CKaiserWindowKaiser Window Function
 CKeyBindingsClass for setting keybindings
 CKeyBindManManages keybindings
 CKeyboardEventKeyboard event
 CKeyboardEventHandlerHandles KeyboardEvent
 CKeyReplaceJobDescProvSimple implementation of JobDescProv based on replacing a value in the IOPar with another
 CLatLongGeographical coordinates in Decimal Degrees but with conv to deg, min, sec
 CLatLong2CoordEstimates to/from LatLong coordinates
 CLine2A Line2 is a line on XY-plane, and it is defined in slope-intercept form y = slope*x + y-intercept; for making operations easier
 CLine2DSubselJobDescProvSpecial case of ParSubselJobDescProv where each job refers to a 2D Line. The subselkey in this case is "Output.Subsel.Line"
 CLine3A Line3 is a line in space, with the following equations:
 CLinearArray1DInterpolDoes linear interpolation of one dimensional arrays
 CLineFrom2DSpaceHoughTransformFinds lines in Array2D<float>'s regions with high values
 CLineKeyKey for a line in a line set
 CLineParametersSteepness and intercept
 CLineRectangleClipperClips a line between two points by a rectangle. The line may be completely outside, completely inside or partially inside. If partially inside, new endpoints are calculated
 CLinScalerLinear scaling
 CLinSolverLinSolver - Solves linear systems of equations on the form A*x=B. A is a matrix of the size N*N, x is a column vector of the size N and B is a column vector of the size N
 CLinStats2DLinear stats in 2D
 CLinStats3DLinear stats in 3D
 ClmkEMFault3DReaderLandmark EM::Fault3D reader
 ClmkEMFault3DTranslatorLandmark EM::Fault3D EMSurfaceTranslator
 ClmkEMFault3DWriterLandmark EM::Fault3D writer
 ClmkEMStickSetReaderLandmark EM::StickSet reader
 ClmkEMStickSetTranslatorLandmark EM::StickSet Translator
 ClmkEMStickSetWriterLandmark EM::StickSet writer
 CLogScalerLogarithmic scaling, base e or ten
 CManagedObjectSetObjectSet where the objects contained are owned by this set
 CManagedObjectSetBaseHelper class to RefObjectSet and ManagedObjectSet
 CMapDataPackDataPack for 2D data to be plotted on a Map
 CMathFunctionMathematical function
 CMathFunctionNDMultidimensional Mathematical function
 CMathFunctionSamplerMakes a MathFunction indexable through an operator[]
 CMathPropertyCalculated property
 CMathXYFunctionA Math Function as in F(x,y)
 CMathXYZFunctionA Math Function as in F(x,y,z)
 CMemCopierValueSeries Copier
 CMemSetterSets large amounts of values to a constant using multiple threads
 CMemValReplacerGoes through some mem or a ValSeries and replaces one value with another
 CMFVCViewManagerA control for flatviewers with different zoom properties and settings
 CMnemonicReference data common to measured logs and simulated properties
 CMonitorableIter4ReadBase class for const MonitoredObject iterator
 CMonitorableIter4WriteBase class for non-const MonitoredObject iterator
 CMonitorableIterBaseBase class for MonitoredObject iterators. Inherit from one of its subclasses
 CMonitoredObjectObject that can be MT-safely monitored from cradle to grave
 CMonitorLockProtects a MonitoredObject against change
 CMouseCursorDefinition of a mouse cursor, can be either a predefined shape (from the enum, or a file.)
 CMouseCursorChangerClass to automatically change cursor, and change it back automatically when class is running out of scope
 CMouseCursorManagerSets another cursor for current application
 CMoveoutComputerBase class for computing a moveout curve
 CMPESetupTranslatorTranslator for MPE::Setup
 CMPESetupTranslatorGroupTranslatorGroup for MPE::Setup
 CMsgClassClass to encapsulate a message to the user
 CMultiArrayValueSeriesValueseries that allocates its data in smaller chunks. By doing this, it performs better in environments where the memory is fragmented (i.e. windows 32 bit). Default chunk size for windows 32 bit is 512MB and for all other platforms default is 32 GB
 CMultiCubeSeisPSReaderPS data store reader based on multiple 3D CBVS cubes
 CMultiIDCompound key consisting of ints
 CMuteDefTranslatorTranslator for mute definition
 CMuteDefTranslatorGroupTranslatorGroup for mute definition
 CMuterSets start or end part of a float series to 0
 CNamedCallBackerCallBacker object with a name. Use if you want your object to be able to send and receive CallBack's, but Monitorable is not an option
 CNamedMonitoredObjectMonitoredObject with a name. All but name() are MT-safe
 CNamedObjectObject with a name
 CNearestCoordFinderFind nearest coordinate in a TypeSet
 CNLACreationDescDescription of how a NLA analysis Feature set is to be created
 CNLADataPreparerPrepare data for usage in NLA training
 CNLADesignSimple description of NLA design, viewed from user's perspective
 CNLAModelMinimum Interface for NLA models
 CNormalMoveoutComputes moveout with anisotropy, according to the equation by Alkhalifah and Tsvankin 1995
 CNotifierClass to help setup a callback handling
 CNotifierAccessInterface class for Notifier. See comments there.
 CNotifyStopperTemporarily disables a Notifier
 CNumInpIntervalSpecSpecifications for numerical intervals
 CNumInpSpecSpecifications for numerical inputs that may or may not have limits
 CObjDisposerDisposes after a couple of msecs to avoid all kinds of trouble
 CObjectSetSet of pointers to objects
 CObjectWithNameObject with a name
 CObjQueueQueue of objects
 Cod_istreamOD class for stream read common access to the std::cin
 Cod_istrstreamOD class for streaming from string
 Cod_ostreamOD class for stream write common access to the user log file, or std::cout in other than od_main
 Cod_ostrstreamOD class for stream write into string
 Cod_streamOD base class for stream read/write
 CODDLSiteAccess to an http site to get the contents of files
 CodEMBodyTranslatorOpendTect format EM::Body Translator
 CODPolygon(Closed) sequence of connected 2-D coordinates
 CODSessionDTect session save/restore
 CodWellTranslatorWellTranslator for 'dGB' stored wells, OD's default well format
 COffsetAzimuthStores offset and azimuth as an int, wich makes it easy to compare them without having to think of epsilons when comparing
 COffsetReflectivityModelAn offset-based TimeDepth model set that may include reflectivities and incidence angles
 COffsetValueSeriesValueSeries of offsets
 CoqstreamDoes everything a std::ostream does, but also deletes the streambuf
 CParallelDTetrahedralatorDelaunay triangulation for 3D points
 CParallelSorterSorting in parallel. Code is still experimental
 CParallelTaskGeneralization of a task that can be run in parallel
 CParamLine2A ParamLine2 is a line in space, with the following equations:
 CParSubselJobDescProvIOPar driven implementation of JobDescProv where splitting is based on IOPar subselection with a particular key (subselkey). For instance, an IOPar with entries:
 CPCAPerforms Pricipal Component Analysis on samples with N variables
 CPeriodicValuePeriodicValue handles periodic data through mathematical operations
 CPerThreadObjectRepositoryClass that keeps one object per thread. This enables temporary passing of objects (such as strings) where needed
 CPhasePhase calculates the phase distribution of a N-dimensional signal. The phase is the inverse tangent of the ratio between imaginary and real parts of the signal
 CPlane3A Plane3 is a plane in space, with the equation: Ax + By + Cz + D = 0
 CPlane3CoordSystemDefines a 2D coordinate system on a 3D plane and transforms between the 3D space and the coordinate system
 CPlaneFrom3DSpaceHoughTransformFinds planes in Array3D<float>'s regions with high values. All positions in the array above a threshold (defined by cliprate) are used to find the planes
 CPlaneParametersSteepnesses and intercept
 CPluginInfoInformation about plugin for outside world
 CPluginManagerPlugin manager - loads plugins: shared libs or DLLs
 CPointDataPackDataPack for point data
 CPoly2HorVolCalculate volume between horizon and polygon
 CPolyArray1DInterpolUses a 3rd degree polynomial for interpolation of one dimensional arrays
 CPolyLineND(Closed) sequence(s) of connected n-D coordinates. Undefined coordinates separate consecutive sequences
 CPolynomialNDPolynomialND is a N-dimensional polynomial with arbitary orders in each dimension. It can be fitted any ArrayND. To access the polynomial's data use getValue. getValue3D is optimized for third order, tree-dimensional cases
 CPolyTrendPolynomial trend with order 0 (mean), 1 (linear) or 2 (parabolic) The trend is derived from a set of values with positions and can be applied thereafter on any other position
 CPosAuxInfoAuxiliary data possibly needed at location. Mostly a seismic thing
 CPosAuxInfoSelectionSelection of aux info at location. Note that BinID is always selected
 CPositionInpSpecSpecifications for BinID/Coordinate/TrcNrs and offsets
 CPosVecDataSetData set consisting of data vectors
 CPreStackProcTranslatorTranslator for PreStack processing
 CPreStackProcTranslatorGroupTranslatorGroup for PreStack processing
 CProbDenFuncBase class for Probability Density Functions
 CProbDenFunc1DProbability Density Function for one dimensional datasets
 CProbDenFunc2DProbability Density Function for two dimensional datasets
 CProbDenFuncDrawStores one draw of a probability density function
 CProcessTime2DepthKeys for
 CProgressMeterInterface where processes can report their progress
 CProgressRecorderProgressMeter that helps unifying different tasks
 CPropertyA (usually petrophysical) property of some object
 CPropertyRefRef Data for a (usually petrophysical) property
 CPSEventTranslatorTranslator for PreStack Event
 CPSEventTranslatorGroupTranslatorGroup for PreStack Event
 CQFileSystemWCommQFileSystemWatcher communication class
 CQObjPtrClass with a pointer to a QObject. The pointer will be set to null when the QObject goes out of scope
 CQRSolverQRSolver - QR decomposition of a matrix A For an m-by-n matrix A, with m>=n, the QR decomposition is A = Q*R, where Q is an m-by-n orthogonal matrix, and R is an n-by-n upper-triangular matrix
 CqstreambufAdapter to use a qprocess as a stream
 CQSystemTrayIconMessengerHelper class for uiSystemTrayIcon to relay Qt's messages
 CQTimerCommQTimer communication class
 CQuaternionQuaternion is an extension to complex numbers
 CQueueEntryOne single queue entry
 CRadialBasisFunctionGridder2DUses Radial Basic Function to predict the values
 CRandLocGenParsDialog for creating (a) pick set(s)
 CRandomFlatDataPackFlatDataPack for random lines
 CRandomSeisDataPackSeisDataPack for random lines
 CRangeLimitedDataDistributionExtracterDoes some work to limit the range of distribution extraction
 CRangePropertyRange of values. pos_ is usually in [0,1]
 CRangeSelectorSelector based on range specification (an Interval)
 CRawDataArrayRaw binary data access.
 CRayTracer1DRay tracer in 1D
 CRColLineBuilderCreates a line in RowCol space
 CRefLayerBase class for all Acoustic and Elastic impedance layers This object uses SI values exclusively for all its properties
 CReflCalc1DAcoustic and Elastic trace computation in 1D
 CReflectivityModelBaseA TimeDepth model set that includes reflectivities. Base class for offset and angle based reflectivity models
 CReflectivityModelTraceA data container for reflection coefficients
 CReflectivitySamplerTakes a ReflectivityModel and samples it in the frequency domain Applies inverse FFT if a second output is provided The time sampling determines the frequency distribution timesampling_.start should be a multiple of timesampling_.step
 CRegularFlatDataPackFlatDataPack for 2D and 3D seismic data
 CRegularSeisDataPackSeisDataPack for 2D and 3D seismic data
 CRegularZValuesValueSeries<double> implementation where the Z values are retrieved from a SamplingData object, i.e. the values are never stored, but always calculated when needed
 CRemCommHandlerHandles commands to be executed remotely on a different machine
 CRemoteJobExecRemote job executor
 CReportingTaskHelper class for all task implementations which need a progress meter
 CRMOComputerComputes moveout in depth from RMO at a certain reference offset
 CRowColIdxPair used for its row() and col().
 CRuntimeLibLoaderGives access to any runtime library (DLL/so), from a full filepath. The library does thus no need to be inside the current path. This library stays loaded until the object is destroyed
 CSafeFileIOProtects file IO when you can't afford to have partly written things after write errors or have a file garbled by multiple access
 CSampled1DProbDenFuncOne dimensional PDF based on binned data
 CSampled2DProbDenFuncTwo dimensional PDF based on binned data
 CSampledExtremeFinderNDFinds all local maximas/minimas in an ArrayND
 CSampledFunctionMake any sampled series comply with MathFunction
 CSampledFunctionImplImplementation for array-type of SampledFunction
 CSampledNDProbDenFuncMulti-dimensional PDF based on binned data
 CSamplingDataHolds the fundamental sampling info: start and interval
 CSamplingValuesSeries of values from a SamplingData object. Never writable, only a quick way of providing all values without storing them in an array
 CScaledValueSeriesValueSeries implementation where the values are retrieved from another ValueSeries. The input object is never managed, and must remain in memory while this object is being used. Scaling is applied when reading from the source, and unapplied when writing to it
 CScalerScaling of floating point numbers
 CSecondOrderPolyA class for 2nd order polynomials of the form: a x^2 + b x + c
 CSEGYDirect2DPSReaderReads from 2D PS data store reader based on SEG-Y files
 CSEGYDirect3DPSReaderReads from 3D PS data store reader based on SEG-Y files
 CSEGYDirectSeisTrc2DTranslatorSEGYDirect translator for 2D Seismics
 CSeis2DCopierCopies line sets
 CSeis2DDataSetSet of 2D lines comparable with 3D seismic cube
 CSeis2DFrom3DExtractorExtracts 2D data from 3D Cube
 CSeis2DGridCreatorExecutorGroup to create 2D seismic grid from 3D
 CSeis2DLineEventSnapperSeisEventSnapper for 2D
 CSeis2DLineGetterInterface for object that reads 2D seismic data
 CSeis2DLineIOProviderProvides read/write to/from 2D seismic lines. Only interesting if you want to add your own 2D data I/O
 CSeis2DLineMergerMerges two 2D lines into a new one (same Line Set)
 CSeis2DLinePutterInterface for object that writes 2D seismic data
 CSeisBayesClassBayesian inversion/classification for seismic data using PDFs
 CSeisCBVSPS2DReaderReads from a CBVS prestack seismic data store
 CSeisCBVSPS2DWriterWrites to a CBVS 2D prestack seismic data store
 CSeisCBVSPS3DReaderReads from a CBVS prestack seismic data store
 CSeisCBVSPS3DWriterWrites to a CBVS 3D prestack seismic data store
 CSeisCBVSPSIOImplementation class: I/O from a CBVS prestack seismic data store
 CSeisCubeCopierCopies cubes. The IOPar constructor wants an IOPar as you would pass to a SeisSingleTraceProc
 CSeisDataPackDataPack for volume data. Should be renamed to VolumeDataPack later
 CSeisDataPackFromDPSClass that creates a SeisDataPack from a DataPointSeti. Columns in DPS are represented by components in DP
 CSeisDataPackZAxisTransformerUses ZAxisTransform to output a transformed SeisDataPack for the specified input SeisDataPack
 CSeisEventSnapper2DExecutorGroup to snap 2D seismic line set event
 CSeisFlatDataPackBase class for RegularFlatDataPack and RandomFlatDataPack
 CSeisImpBPSIFReads a BPSIF prestack data exchange file into a PS data store
 CSeisImporterHelps import or export of seismic data
 CSeisIOObjInfoInfo on IOObj for seismics
 CSeisJobExecProvProvides job runners and postprocessor for seismic processing
 CSeisMergerMerges 2D and 3D post-stack data
 CSeisMSCProviderReads seismic data into buffers providing a Moving Virtual Subcube of seismic data
 CSeisPacketInfoInformation for a packet of seismics, AKA tape header info
 CSeisPS2DReaderReads from a 2D prestack seismic data store
 CSeisPS3DReaderReads from a 3D prestack seismic data store
 CSeisPS3DTranslatorGroupTranslator mechanism is only used for selection etc
 CSeisPSImpDataMgrManages import of acquisition-sorted PS data. May take loads of memory
 CSeisPSIOProviderPrestack Seismics objects provider
 CSeisPSMergerPrestack seismic data merger
 CSeisPSReaderReads from a prestack seismic data store
 CSeisPSWriterWrites to a prestack seismic data store
 CSeisResamplerWill sub-sample in inl and crl, and re-sample in Z
 CSeisSingleTraceProcSingle trace processing executor
 CSeisStoreAccessBase class for seis reader and writer
 CSeisTrcSeismic trace
 CSeisTrc2DTranslatorBase translator for 2D Seismics
 CSeisTrc2DTranslatorGroupTranslatorGroup for 2D Seismic Data
 CSeisTrcBufSet of seismic traces
 CSeisTrcBufArray2DArray2D based on SeisTrcBuf
 CSeisTrcBufDataPackFlatDataPack based on SeisTrcBuf
 CSeisTrcInfoInformation for a seismic trace, AKA trace header info
 CSeisTrcPropCalcCalculates properties of a trace component
 CSeisTrcPropChgChanges properties of one or all trace components. Component -1 (the default) changes all components
 CSeisTrcReaderReads from a seismic data store
 CSeisTrcReaderSetAdvances and reads from multipe SeisTrcReader's
 CSeisTrcTranslatorSeismic Trace translator
 CSelectorInterface for classes that select on basis of a key
 CSeparStringList encoded in a string
 CSequentialTaskThe generalization of something (e.g. a computation) where the steps must be done in sequence, i.e. not in parallel
 CServiceMgrBaseBase class for OpendTect Service Manager and external services/apps
 CSettingsSettings class holds the user settings. It is an IOPar
 CSettingsAccessFunctionality to access specific user settings and/or environment variables from different parts of OpendTect in order to avoid duplication of definitions and code
 CSharedLibAccessGives access to shared libs on runtime. Plugins should be loaded via the Plugin Manager (see plugins.h)
 CSignalHandlingAsynchronous event handling and notification
 CSimpleHelpProviderA simple HelpProvider that can be extended to create a HelpProvider for third party plug-ins. You need a urlbase string which can refer to a web URL (starting with "http://") or a local file path (starting with "file:///"). For linking the individual HelpKeys, you can either add links for specific keys using the function:
 CSimpleTimeDepthModelSimple Time-Depth model in the form of a Time-Depth table
 CSimpleTimeDepthTransformZAxisTransform that uses a SimpleTimeDepthModel
 CSincInterpolatorA sinc interpolator for bandlimited uniformly-sampled functions y(x)
 CSincTableManagerA manager used for constructing the table necessary for Sinc interpolations
 CSingleSelectorSelector selecting only a single value
 CSmoother1DSmoothes a 1d signal with an operator
 CSmoother2DSmoothes a 2d signal with an operator
 CSmoother3DSmoothes a 3d signal with an operator
 CSortedListA SortedList is a list where all objects are stored in ascending order. The objects should be capable of doing <,> and ==. If allowmultiples is true, multiple objects with the same value are allowed in the list
 CSortedPointersA SortedPointers keeps track of ids and their corresponding pointer. Each id can only be present once
 CSortedTableA SortedTable keeps track of ids and their corresponding values. Each id can only be present once
 CSpectrogramSpectrogram calculates the spectrogram of a N-dimensional signal. The spectrogram is the square of the absolute values of the FourierTransform, and is the 'traditional' way to view a signal's frequency distribution
 CSphereRepresents a point in spherical coordinates. The angle phi lies in the horizontal plane, theta in the vertical plane
 CStaticsDescSpecifies Statics as a horizon and either a horizon attribute or a constant velocity. Velocity is always in m/s
 CStatusInfoEncapsulates status message from a running client
 CStepIntervalInterval with step
 CStreamConnConnection with an underlying iostream
 CStreamDataHolds data to use and close an iostream. Usually created by StreamProvider
 CStreamProviderProvides I/O stream for file or system command
 CStringBuilderBuilds a string by adding strings. Much faster than string manipulation. Only supports adding
 CStringInpSpecSpecifications for character string inputs
 CStringKeyReplaceJobDescProvKeyReplaceJobDescProv where the values are in a string set
 CStringListInpSpecSpecifications for list of character string inputs
 CStringPairA StringPair has two strings, first() and second()
 CStringViewOD::String that holds an existing text string
 CSurfaceInfoSurface info name/attribname with an ID (usually the EM-ID)
 CSurveyDiskLocationSurvey location on disk
 CSurveyFileUtility class to work with OpendTect survey/project zip files
 CSurveyInfoHolds survey general information
 CSwapCallbackClass for a swap callback. This class triggers on the second render that the context is up an running, meaning that the scene can ask questions about the context
 CTaskGeneralization of something (e.g. a computation) that needs to be done in multiple steps
 CTaskGroupA collection of tasks, that behave as a single task.
 CTaskRunnerClass that can execute a task
 CTextStreamProgressMeterTextual progress indicator for batch programs
 CTextTaskRunnerTaskRunner to show progress of a Task in text format
 CThirdOrderPolyA class for 3rd order polynomials on the form: a x^3 + b x^2 + c x + d
 CTimeDepthConverterConverts between time and depth given a model. It expects a valueseries, where unit of value should be SI unit. Scaler provides factor value in case the valueseries in non SI unit
 CTimeDepthModelConverts between time, depth and velocity given a model. The velocity model can be either RMO-velocities in time, or interval velocity in either depth or time. The times are always TWT, in SI units (seconds). The depths units correspond to SI().depthsInFeet(), and are TVDSS depths (0 at sea-level, not at SRD, positive below sea-level and increasing downwards
 CTimeDepthModelSetData holder for all TimeDepthModels that share the same depths distributions. There will always be at least one model in the set. Models may be annotated by a given value, typically offset or angle See the TimeDepthModel class for a description of the units of measure
 CTimerTimer class
 CTopListIs a class that holds a "top N" list with the N highest (or lowest) values that is added. Each value has an associated value that can be used as an identifier of where the value comes from or something like that
 CTraceDataA set of data buffers and their interpreters
 CTranslatorI/O Interpreter class for a certain object type
 CTranslatorGroupGroup of Translators. Has a static factory
 CTrcKeyRepresents a unique trace position in one of the surveys that OpendTect is managing
 CTrcKeySamplingHorizontal sampling (inline and crossline range and steps)
 CTrcKeySamplingIteratorFinds next BinID in TrcKeySampling; initializes to first position
 CTrcKeyZSamplingHor+Vert sampling in 3D surveys
 CTriangle2DInterpolatorFor a given triangulated geometry(set of points), interpolating any point located in or nearby the goemetry. If the point is located outside of the boundary of the geometry, we compare azimuth to find related points and then apply inverse distance to calculate weights
 CTriangulatedGridder2DUses Delaunay triangulation to find a points neighbors and does inverse distance between the neighbors
 CTriangulationArray2DInterpolUses triangulation method to interpolate two dimensional arrays
 CTwoDDataSeisTrcTranslatorDummy old translator used during conversion only
 CTwoDSeisTrcTranslatorTranslator mechanism is only used for selection etc
 CTypeQueueQueue of basic data types
 CTypeSetSets of (small) copyable elements
 Cui2DGeomManageDlgGeneral manage window for 2D Line geometries
 Cui3DIndirectViewBodyClass used by ui3DViewer to render things indirectly
 Cui3DViewer2ImagePrint scene dialog box
 Cui3DViewerBodyBaseclass for different body implementation (direct & indirect) of OSG
 CuiAICalc1DBasic interface for a uiReflCalc1D
 CuiApplPartServerMakes available certain services that are needed on a higher level
 CuiApplServiceServices from application level to 'Part servers'
 CuiAttr2DSelDlgSelection dialog for 2D attributes
 CuiAttrDescEdAttribute description editor
 CuiAttrDescEdCreaterAttribute description editor creator
 CuiAttrEMOutBrief Base class Earth Model Output Batch dialog. Used for calculating attributes in relation with surfaces
 CuiAttribDescSetEdEditor for Attribute sets
 CuiAttribPanelAttribute preview in a 2d viewer
 CuiAttribPartServerService provider for application level - Attributes
 CuiAttrSelUser interface element for storing attribute desc selection
 CuiAttrSelDataUser interface for attribute selection data
 CuiAttrSelDlgUser Interface (UI) element for selection of Attributes from an attribute set
 CuiAttrSetManAttributeSet Manager
 CuiAttrSurfaceOutSurface Output Batch dialog. Used for calculating attributes on surfaces
 CuiAttrTrcSelOutTrace Selection Output Batch dialog. Used for calculating attributes between surfaces or withing a user-defined interval around a surface
 CuiAttrTypeSelSelector for attribute type
 CuiAttrVolOutDialog for creating volume output
 CuiAutoAttrSelDlgClass for selecting Auto-load Attribute Set
 CuiAxisDataConvenient base class to carry axis data: 1) the AxisHandler which handles the behaviour and positioning of an axis in a 2D plot 2) axis scaling parameters 3) axis ranges
 CuiAxisHandlerHandles an axis on a plot
 CuiAxisHandlerBaseBase class for Axis Handlers
 CuiBatchJobDispatcherLauncherLaunches the UI of a Batch::JobDispatcher
 CuiBatchJobDispatcherSelLets user select a batch job dispatcher suited for the job
 CuiBitMapDisplayTakes the flat-data from a FlatViewer and puts it into a uiGraphicsItem
 CuiBodyImplSimple delegating implementation of uiBody
 CuiBodyPosProvGroupUI for BodyPosProvider
 CuiBuildListFromListBase class for element allowing the building of lists of items from available 'ingredients'
 CuiButtonBase class for all buttons
 CuiButtonMessengerButton Abstract Base class
 CuiCalcHorPolyVolUsing horizon to calculate from different levels by polygon
 CuiCalcHorVolUI for calculation of volume at horizons
 CuiCalcPolyHorVolUsing polygon to calculate to different horizons
 CuiChangeHorizonDlgBase class for surface changers. At the moment only does horizons
 CuiCheckedCompoundParSelCompoundParSel providing something that is optional
 CuiCheckListGroup of check boxes. Ensures a certain policy is honored
 CuiCoherencyAttribCoherency attribute description editor
 CuiColorInputSmall element for color selection. Has no text label
 CuiComboBoxCombo box
 CuiCompoundParSelSingle-line element allowing multi-parameter to be set via a dialog
 CuiContourTreeItemTree item for Contour display on 3D horizons
 CuiConvolveAttribConvolve Attribute description editor
 CuiCreateDPSPDFDialog for creating Probability Density Function of DataPointSet
 CuiCreateHorizonDialog to create a horizon with a constant Z
 CuiD2TModelDlgDialog for D2T Model editing
 CuiDataPointSetEdit DataPointSet
 CuiDataPointSetCrossPlotterDataPointSet crossplotter
 CuiDataPointSetCrossPlotterPropDlgCrossplot properties dialog box
 CuiDataPointSetCrossPlotWinData Point Set Cross Plotter Main window
 CuiDataPointSetManCross-plot manager
 CuiDataRootSelUiGroup for selecting the survey data root
 CuiDeltaResampleAttribDeltaResample Attribute description editor
 CuiDipFilterAttribDipFilter Attribute description editor
 CuiDirectionalPlotCreates a directional plot: Rose diagrams and more
 CuiDPSAddColumnDlgDialog box to add columns in datapointset
 CuiDPSDemoShow a few uses of (ui)DataPointSet
 CuiDPSOverlayPropDlgDialog box to display properties within points in crossplot
 CuiEditGaussianProbDenFuncGroup to edit Gaussian PPDF's
 CuiEditObjectListBase class for element allowing maintenance of lists of (usually smaller) objects
 CuiEditProbDenFuncBase class for edit probability density function editors
 CuiEditProbDenFuncDlgDialog to edit probability density functions
 CuiEditSampledProbDenFuncGroup to edit SampledProbDenFunc's
 CuiEditSEGYFileDataDlgUI for manipulating fille names/paths for a SEGYDirect data-store
 CuiEMAttribPartServerPart Server for Attribute handling on EarthModel objects
 CuiEMAttrSelUser interface element for storing attribute desc selection
 CuiEMAttrSelDlgUser Interface (UI) element for selection of Attributes from an attribute set
 CuiEMAuxDataSelDialog for surface aux data selection
 CuiEMPartServerEarth Model UI Part Server
 CuiEnergyAttribEnergy Attribute ui
 CuiEventAttribEvent Attributes description editor
 CuiEventFilterClass that is able to recieve events from Qt and trigger an OD-style notification/callback
 CuiEventFreqAttribDeltaResample Attribute description editor
 CuiExport2DHorizonDialog for 2D horizon export
 CuiExportFaultDialog for horizon export
 CuiExportHorizonDialog for horizon export
 CuiExportLogsDialog for writing logs to an ASCII file
 CuiExpRokDocPDFDialog for RokDoc PDF Export Exports Probability density functions in RokDoc ASCII format
 CuiExtLayerSequenceGenDescBase class for external LayerSequenceGenDesc editors, i.e. editors that are not also Layer Model displayers
 CuiFileDialogDialog to get a file or directory name from user
 CuiFileInputA file-name input
 CuiFileSelA selector of file names, local, web or cloud
 CuiFileSelectorSetupSetup for any file or directory selection process
 CuiFileSelToolSelects file or directory in some form of UI. 1-1 coupled with a certain SystemAccess / protocol
 CuiFileSelToolProviderFile selector for a File::SystemAccess type
 CuiFillPatternOne-line element for fill pattern selection. No text label
 CuiFingerPrintAttribFingerPrint Attribute description editor
 CuiFlatUnflatCubeCreate flattened cube from horizon
 CuiFlatViewAuxDataEditorFlatview auxiliary data editor
 CuiFlatViewAuxDataEditorListA list with all auxdata in a FlatView::AuxDataEditor where the user can select which one should be active for new points
 CuiFlatViewColTabEdFlatView color table editor
 CuiFlatViewControlTools to control uiFlatViewer(s)
 CuiFlatViewDataDispPropTabUiFlatViewer data display properties tabs
 CuiFlatViewDockWin(Non-modal) main window containing one or more uiFlatViewer(s)
 CuiFlatViewerFulfills the FlatView::Viewer specifications using 'ui' classes
 CuiFlatViewMainWin(Non-modal) main window containing one or more uiFlatViewer(s)
 CuiFlatViewPropDlgFlatView properties dialog box
 CuiFlatViewPropTabUiFlatViewer properties tabs
 CuiFlatViewStdControlThe standard tools to control uiFlatViewer(s)
 CuiFlatViewWinBase class for windows containing one or more uiFlatViewer(s)
 CuiFreqFilterAttrib** Attribute description editor
 CuiFrequencyAttribFrequency Attribute description editor
 CuiFullSynthSeisSelInterface for selecting all parameters to run a Seis::RaySynthGenerator for multiple synthetic types (Zero-offset, prestack, ...), and interface for selecting synthetic datasets derived from raw types
 CuiFuncDispBaseBase class for function displays
 CuiFunctionDisplayDisplays a function of (X,Y) pairs on a canvas - optionally a Y2
 CuiFVAnnotPropTabUiFlatViewer annotation properties tabs
 CuiFVVDPropTabUiFlatViewer VD display properties tabs
 CuiFVWVAPropTabUiFlatViewer WVA display properties tabs
 CuiGapDeconAttribGapDecon Attribute description editor
 CuiGenInputGeneral Input Element
 CuiGenInputDlgDialog with only uiGenInputs
 CuiGenInputDlgEntryHow to get input from user - for uiGenInputDlg
 CuiGenInputInputFldGeneralized data input field
 CuiGenRanLineFromPolygonGenerate random line from polygon
 CuiGenRanLinesByContourGenerate random lines from contours of a horizon
 CuiGenRanLinesByShiftGenerate random lines by shifting an existing
 CuiGetChoiceGet an action from a series of possibilities from user
 CuiGetObjectNameGet a name from user, whilst displaying names that already exist
 CuiGraphicsSceneAxisTo draw simple axes for a 2D coordinate system
 CuiGraphicsSceneAxisMgrManages uiGraphicsSceneAxis
 CuiGrubbsFilterAttribSemblance Attribute description editor
 CuiHor3DFrom2DDlgDialog to expand a 2D horizon to create a 3D horizon
 CuiHorAttr2GeomChange the geometry using an attribute
 CuiHorGeom2AttrSave the geometry to an attribute
 CuiHorizonAttribHorizon attribute description editor
 CuiHorSaveFieldGrpSave or overwrite horizon field set up. It will create new horizon based on given horizon, if the old horizon is not given, you can read it from memory. You can also call saveHorizon() to save horizon based on your choice of as new or overwrite
 CuiIconManager for icons of different sizes
 CuiImagAttrSelUser interface element for getting attribute with both real and imaginary part
 CuiImpExpPickSetDialog for pickset selection
 CuiImplBodyCalDlgUI for volume calculation of implicit body
 CuiImportFaultDialog for fault import
 CuiImportHorizonDialog for Horizon Import
 CuiImportHorizon2DDialog for Horizon Import
 CuiImportLogsDlgDialog for loading logs from las file
 CuiImpRokDocPDFDialog for RokDoc PDF Import Imports Probability density functions in RokDoc ASCII format
 CuiInstantaneousAttribInstantaneous Attribute description editor
 CuiIOObjDialog letting the user select an object. It returns an IOObj* after successful go()
 CuiIOObjInserterInserts a new object into the OD data store
 CuiIOObjManipGroupButtongroup to manipulate an IODirEntryList
 CuiIOObjRetDlgDialog letting the user select an object. It returns an IOObj* after successful go()
 CuiIOObjSelUser Interface (UI) element for selection of IOObjs
 CuiIOObjSelWriteTranslatorGroup for selecting output translator
 CuiIOObjTranslatorWriteOptsGroup for editing output translator options
 CuiIOSelectUI element for selection of data objects
 CuiIOSurfaceBase group for Surface input and output
 CuiIsochronMakerGrpCreate isochron as attribute of horizon
 CuiIssueReporterDlgReports issues to Usually crash reports
 CuiLabeledListBoxUiLabeledListBox. Deprecated. Don't use in new code
 CuiLayerSequenceGenDescBase class for LayerSequenceGenDesc editors - with factory
 CuiLaySeqAttribEdEdits a layer sequence attribute
 CuiLegendItemA legend, mainly used in maps
 CuiListBoxChoiceIOAllows save/restore of chosen items for a uiListBox
 CuiListBoxFilterA filter field attaching itself to a listbox
 CuiListBoxObjList Box
 CuiMadAGCAttribMadagascar AGC Attribute description editor
 CuiMainWinUser interface main window
 CuiManageLineGeomDlgManage window for a single 2D Line geometry
 CuiManPROPSManages the PROPS()
 CuiMarkerDlgDialog for marker specifications
 CuiMarkerViewDlgDialog for Viewing the markers for a well
 CuiMatchDeltaAttribMatchDelta Attribute description editor
 CuiMathAttribMath Attribute description editor
 CuiMnemonicPropertiesSelector for Mnemonic properties
 CuiMnemonicsSelSelector for Mnemonics
 CuiMPEManDialog for tracking properties
 CuiMPEPartServerImplementation of Tracking part server interface
 CuiMsgMainWinSetterSets the uiMSG's main window temporary during the scope of the object
 CuiMultCompDlgDialog to select (multiple) component(s) of stored data
 CuiMultCompSelCompoundParSel to capture and sum up the user-selected components
 CuiMultiSurfaceReadUi for multiple surface read
 CuiMultiSynthSeisSelInterface for selecting all parameters to run a Seis::RaySynthGenerator for multiple synthetic types (Zero-offset, prestack, ...)
 CuiMultiWellDispPropDlgMulti Well display properties dialog box
 CuiMultOutSelDialog used to determine which outputs of an attribute will be computed at once and stored as multiple components when creating a volume output
 CuiNLAPartServerService provider for application level - Non-Linear Analysis
 CuiObjBodyImplDefault (Template) implementation of uiObjectBody
 CuiObjectThe base class for most UI elements
 CuiObjectItemViewEmbeds some uiObjects in a uiGraphicsView following a horizontal layout. Objects can be dynamically removed and added from the graphicsview
 CuiObjectItemViewWinA uiMainWin that holds embedded uiObjects and controls
 CuiODApplMgrApplication level manager - ties part servers together
 CuiODApplMgrAttrVisHandlerDoes visualization-related work for uiODApplMgr
 CuiODApplMgrDispatcherDispatches work for Appl Mgr
 CuiODApplServiceUiApplService for OD